Soup for nourishing body and soul. Soup for honoring future generations, Animals and the environment. Soup for creating a new way of life on earth


We are proud to offer Big Little Bowl soups! We invite you to enjoy the highest quality plant based ingredients and intentional cooking and eating practices.

Currently available at The Berkeley Farmer's Markets:
Downtown Berkeley - Center Street @ M. L. King, Jr. Way
Saturdays 10 am – 3 pm
North Berkeley - Shattuck Avenue @ Vine Street
Thursdays 3 pm – 7 pm

Now also available for Delivery by Order!


Soup is one of the most nourishing and ancient food forms. Our soup is made locally with organic vegetables and free of animal products.  We use reusable containers and deliver by bicycle when possible to reduce our toxic impact on the planet. Every bowl is created with the highest intention for global transformation!

Our bodies are constellations of trillions of cells. How can we support the health and wellness of this galaxy within? Nutritionists and biologists give us four keys to improve cellular health:
1. Increase hydration. 
2. Promote nutrition.
3. Reduce toxins
4. Quality Rest

Amazingly, these same principals for cellular health also apply to the health of our planet. When we apply these principles to our bodies we also effect the health of the planet! Optimizing cellular health is a wonderful gift of life that we can give to ourselves and the Earth. 

At Big Little Bowl we want help realize our individual and collective power to create a healthy and beautiful world for future generations. We’d like to inspire you to nourish your body, strengthen our community, and detoxify the bowl at a time!