What Is Love Soupreme?
Love Soupreme is a place to gather and celebrate life!  A safe space to enjoy poetry, music, art, futuristic and ancient wisdom. It’s a forum to share practices that improve physical and emotional well being and inspire the co-creation of a new reality.  Soup for the soul! 

The Portal
3051 Adeline Street

Berkeley, CA

What Time?
Doors open at 6:30 for tea and socializing
The Show begins at 7:30 and goes to around 9:00

General admission   $27 
Seniors and Students with current ID   $20
Work-trade available upon request
Cash only

Why Love? 
It’s an incredible machine…autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, gene editing, nanotechnology, robotics, and biosurveillance are just a few of the technologies that until recently were considered science fiction.  Will these technologies be liberating or an existential threat to life on earth? Most agree that it very much depends on how they are used. 

Regardless of future outcomes, I already struggle to adapt to the current pace of change.  Unlimited access to virtual communication and algorithmically manipulated data can be overwhelming at times.  Too much time online makes me feel physically and emotionally isolated, lonely and disconnected from my body.

Love on the other hand makes me feel alive, energized, hopeful, and connected to all living things.  Love is a frequency… a vibration.  I feel it when I serve our community at the farmer’s markets.  I feel it when I meditate, and play/listen to heart-centered music. I feel it when I communicate with plants, animals and loving humans.  Confusion and anxiety are replaced with a calm inner knowing and the capacity celebrate life and meet the challenges that come my way.  

When we create love frequencies together we become a supreme machine capable of transforming all current and future technology.  It is my hope that the Love Soupreme gatherings will nourish and inspire the co-creation of such love vibrations for the big, little and all living things. I hope to see you this Tuesday at the Portal!


Space to rest. space to meditate. space to breathe. Space to see and reach for a higher potential. Space to commune with nature.