Planetary Healing through Soup, Music, Ritual, Community, and Love.‚Äč

Hi, I'm Rasa!  I'm the founder of the Big Little Bowl.  Several years ago I had a vision while I was meditating.  I saw the Earth traveling through our galaxy.  It entered a zone where the vibration began to rapidly shift and life on our planet changed dramatically. Death and destruction could be found everywhere. Among the destruction something beautiful began to happen... 

A new way of living began to emerge.  Anger, fear, jealousy and greed were burned away.  They were replaced with love and new life began to transform what was destroyed.  Humans, plants and animals could communicate with each other and innovative technology was developed to create a vital and beautiful way of living.   

At the Big Little Bowl, we strive to be on the forefront of supporting a new way of life that improves the health of present and future generations of humans, plants and animals. Soups, music and gatherings are our small way of making big changes on the planet... changes that our bodies, communities and animal friends have been waiting for!